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Colorado Get-Out-The-Vote Maps

FairVote2020 has developed an interactive map showing turnout of the voting age population in Colorado for the 2000 presidential election. Additional maps include census data on race, ethnicity and income.  Change maps by clicking on the map under "Compare Maps" on the left.   You may zoom in on the map by clicking on the appropriate button at the top and then on the map. 

The 2000 precinct lines and current  Congressional, State House, and Senate boundaries can be turned on and off  by checking the appropriate box below the map image. The precinct boundaries and congressional lines are checked by default.

At the end of this page is a link to Adobe maps showing nonvoters and 2000 turnout rates by precinct for Colorado localities with  populations greater than 10,000. There is also a link to a second set of maps for the same places displaying Bush-Gore by precinct. Use the two sets in tandem to help target your canvassing efforts.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FIREFOX1.5 (click for details).

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See ThinkPrecinct for walk lists and updated precinct lines.

See comaps.org: Colorado Interactive Maps for updated 2006 district and county voter data via a Google Map interface. The comaps.org info can also be accessed with the INFO tool on the FairData map -- click on GoogleMaps from the popup window for the 2002 district fields. 

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 Turnout in 2000 Presidential Election (by 18+ pop)

  Google-FairData Base Map  (start with a Google map interface)

To maximize the viewable area, toggle off the history folder.  Map links can be e-mailed or bookmarked for future reference. Use the arrow buttons on your browser to compare previously viewed maps. Try Windows NetMeeting for group sessions. Click the HELP icon for additional assistance.

Map 1  -- Percent Turnout in Colorado (2000 election by 2000 precinct)

At a scale of about 5 miles, the number of voting age persons (by precinct) who did not vote  in the 2000 election is displayed in purple boxes. This number includes both registered and unregistered persons and has not been adjusted for non-citizens. Precinct boundaries are those in effect in 2000.

Vote totals are estimates based on a block-level disaggregation performed by the Colorado legislative  redistricting office. The methodology used to make block-level adjustments for early and absentee voting is described here.

At a scale of about 3 miles, pie charts display in areas with significant minority population, showing race/ethnicity components for the over 18 population.

Note: This map was modified on June 26, 2004 to show turnout based on voting age population  rather than registered voters. Turnout based on the 18+ population more accurately reflects voter participation where voter registration counts appear to be overstated. Colorado's 2000 redistricting file shows 2.75 million registered voters, compared to the Census Bureau's more accurate survey estimate of 1.95 million in 2000.


This modification makes the Colorado map consistent with  FairVote2020 maps for other states where we do not have post-2000 political data. 


Maps 2 thru 17 -- Block Group Socio-Economic Detail Maps

See SocioEcon mapper for map details.

Note: Precinct and legislative boundaries cannot be displayed in the socioeconomic thematic maps.

Sources: Census 2000 Summary File 1 (SF 1) 100-Percent Data and SF 3 Sample Data

.Map 18 --  Bush-Gore by Precinct

Head-to-head contest (minus third party votes)  with 2000 registered voter party affiliation charts.

Sources: Census 2000, Colorado General Assembly

Map 19 -- Bush-Gore by County (Head-to-Head Contest) Note that congressional lines are for the 109th congress ( 2005-2006), not the historical 2000 boundaries.

Source:  Dave Leip's Atlas of  US Presidential Elections

Map 20 -- Bush-Kerry by County (Head-to-Head Contest)

At a scale of about 200 miles, green labels  show votes cast for the two major party candidates by county. 

This map does not display election returns below the county level.

Source:  Dave Leip's Atlas of  US Presidential Elections, 12/03/04.

Map 21 -- Party Affiliation (State Senate) 2007

Map 22 -- Party Affiliation (State House) 2007

Map 23 -- Party Affiliation (Congress) 2007


High Detail  "Zoomable"-- Adobe format -- zoom to 200+)   

Birds-eye view of  turnout for the 18+ population in the 2000 general election. The numbers displayed in purple boxes show unregistered 18+ and non-voting registered voters by precinct,  i.e. everyone over 18 who did not vote. These maps match the default map in the interactive map described above.

          Community-wide Bush-Gore Maps

Bush-Gore by precinct (head to head contest excluding third party candidates). The numbers in boxes show estimated votes cast for the two major party candidates.


Chart links:

Socioeconomic Data (congressional, county and city-level)