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Illustrative Non-metropolitan Latino-majority Election Districts

Focusing on areas outside California, Florida and the Southwest

A FairVote2020 Project


The illustrative election plans are displayed on Google Maps. To access the plans, select a state from the sidebar to the left. States in red have plans posted. White text shows states that are planned but have not been initiated.

Click on a link from the directory and the Google Map will open with a collapsible sidebar showing population stats for one or more potential majority-Latino districts. You can also click the balloon markers on the Google map to see district population stats. Click the KML link above the map to view with Google Earth.

These are hypothetical plans developed for Latino communities in nonmetro or exurban areas which have experienced dramatic demographic change in the past decade. Most plans are for municipalities or school districts. In many instances, we have incomplete information on annexations, incumbents, and election history.  All plans comply with one-person, one-vote requirements.

This initial set of voting plans is restricted to areas with populations greater than 2,000 that are at least 20% Latino according to the 2000 census. 

The plans are based on census-block level data from the 2000 census. The Census Bureau will  release updated census block population counts in 2011 upon completion of the 2010 census.

Information on citizenship status is not available at the census block level. Estimated voting age Latino citizenship percentages by district are available upon request.

You can review neighborhood level (block group) citizenship status (and other 2000 census variables) on FairData's SocioEcon Mapper.

We aim to produce over 100 illustrative voting plans in the coming months. They will be drafted in a random, piecemeal fashion. If you need a specific plan -- even for areas outside the initial target states --  just contact us and we'll move it to the top of the list.

District-based election plans are not the only way to enhance Latino participation and representation. See the Center for Voting and Democracy  for information on alternative election systems.

Between 2001 and 2006, over 175 election plans (multiple drafts) in 20 states were developed by the FairPlan  project -- primarily at the request of African-American and Native American groups involved in local level redistricting. We testified in federal court or were deposed in about 15 redistricting lawsuits during this time period and provided technical assistance in a dozen others.

Technical Note: Boundaries are not precise due to minor discrepancies between Google streets and Census Bureau block geography. Accurate geographic files are available offline.

The plans were prepared with Maptitude for Redistricting and converted to Google Earth using Marcelo Luna's excellent Area2GE add-in for Maptitude.

June 2007

We have examined the potential for Latino-majority election districts in about 120 local jurisdictions and developed draft voting plans in 80 of them.

December  2006

First up are Idaho and Kansas. In Idaho, we found at least two cities and one school district with potential Latino districts. One of them is Rupert -- Lou Dobbs' hometown.

In southwest Kansas,  "hay un monton"....and we are starting to post some of them.

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